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M3S search engine optimization gets client an unexpected call

January 11th, 2013

Our work for a client to improve search engine rankings paid off better than imagined. The client recently was found online by a writer for a top women’s magazine, interviewed by phone for an hour and will be featured in an article about “How to talk to a contractor” in an upcoming issue.

The writer told the client that small businesses featured in his previous articles become overwhelmed with business from the publicity of being published in a national magazine. And I think in this economy, most small business owners would take being overwhelmed with business and having all the options to profit and grow that come with it. Now, of course, this client’s experience was unusual, but if not for our work, it’s unlikely his website would have been found.

As a standard part of setting up a new client’s website, M3S does some basic search engine optimization (SEO) work so that customers can find you on the internet. Having a website is a first step, but it does take a little more work to ensure you get a fair ranking from Google and other search engines.

Only “white hat” SEO techniques here

We stick to “white hat” or legitimate SEO techniques. For one, it’s just the right thing to do, and number two, it’s what works most effectively with the sophisticated algorithms search engines like Google now use. “Black hat” or illegitimate/shady techniques are often promoted by flight-by-night operations on the internet, often via spam emails. Those techniques, like putting hundreds of back-links to your website on irrelevant “link farm” website without substance, actually worked many years ago, but now do no good and may actually decrease your rankings. So, stick with those who will do your SEO right.

Advanced SEO

Our basic SEO services lay the the foundation, but there more work can pay off, driving more customers to your website who are searching for what you offer.

Social network sharing/social bookmarking

One of the biggest traffic drivers in recent years is social network sharing (like Facebook) and social bookmarking (like Digg, Reddit, etc.). These provide links for new people to come visit your site and may also be viewed by search engines as incoming links, so there is a double benefit. We can make sure your website is sharing-friendly, with such features as sharing buttons/menus/drop-downs and featured image thumbnail generation for sharing sites. Once we have these parts built, we can create you a Facebook page for your business and get people seeing your updates there too.

Landing pages

Normally, if you detail products and services on your website, it will be sufficient for customers to find you. However, sometimes there are specific related items people are searching for from people who could benefit from your products and services. So the concept of landing pages is a way for specific types of searches to find your website when they otherwise might not have. On the landing page, you could offer a special promotion or provide helpful information that is not relevant for your website’s main content.

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