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WordPress Development

WordPress – it’s not just for blogs anymore!

WordPress is, at it’s core, free software to run a blog-type website. However, WordPress is handy for so much more. Almost any website can be run with WordPress and expanded functionality, enabled by thousands of WordPress plugins, makes it even more capable.

A few of WordPress’ features:

  • Blog style posts: Use this however you want. Blog posts are useful for articles that are informational, entertaining or opinion-charged, press releases/company updates and general news.
  • WordPress “pages” for regular webpages: For information you don’t need in a periodical or chronological format, WordPress pages may be appropriate. You create these the same way, just a “page” instead of a “post”. WordPress pages would be appropriate for an “About us” page, informational pages and much of what makes up traditional non-blog websites.
  • Easy, non-technical updates: This is a wonderful point for cash-strapped small businesses. Once your WordPress site is properly set up, you may need only minor, occasional technical assistance. With your WordPress login and password, you can update any post or page on your WordPress site anytime, from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. This can save small business not only money, but precious time.
  • Multi-user login access: In WordPress, you can set up as many users as you’d like, each with their own password. There are also different access levels you can set for each user, so that some have only the ability to write content, while others have the ability to delete, edit others’ content, etc.. A business owner or managers might have “admin” level access, whereas some employees may have “author” or “editor” access. In the latest versions of WordPress, all users can be given “admin” access, if desired.
  • Lists of links: A more minor, but handy aspect is that users can enter links to other websites and organize them under link category headings.
  • Themes: WordPress “themes” are a collection of files you upload to change the entire design or “look” of your website – that is, the arrangement of where everything appears (posts, links, pages list, etc.), colors, fonts, background images and more. A theme without additional requirements can be activated with a single click once uploaded, and you can switch back, or to another uploaded theme, just as fast. There are now thousands of WordPress themes and more created every day. Many themes are free to download and use, while some others are available for a fee. We can even develop a theme from scratch for you, modify an existing theme or create one based on any existing website design you like.
  • Categories and Tags: These two features are great for organizing and relating content for your website visitors.
  • Image uploading: WordPress has built-in functionality that makes it easy for any user to upload images for insertion into posts or pages. There are plugins which provide greatly expanded functionality, such as fancy galleries, slideshows and automatic thumbnail processing.
  • This website even runs on WordPress: Though we could program anything from scratch, WordPress’ out-of-the-box functionality makes it very useful for our purposes as well!

Millennium 3 Solutions can do any kind of WordPress modifications, include theme and plugin development, database exports/imports or any tricky problem. Contact us today about setting up or improving your WordPress site!

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